'I warmly extend my hand of support to you'

I am passionate about helping each person take hold of their personal situation so they can make conscious decisions regarding their own health and life. With my support and counselling skills each person is able to transform their emotional responses to achieve stability and personal strength. 

Counselling Services

  • Specialising in all types of Cancer and life threatening illnesses
  • Newly diagnosed counselling support
  • Support through treatments and recovery
  • Expertise in chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, MND and other chronic illnesses
  • PTSD, trauma, sexual, physical and psychological abuse
  • Assisting in quality of life
  • Support for carers and family members
  • Care management planning and care team support
  • Supporting the dying process at home, hospital or care facility
  • Managing grief, loss and bereavement
  • All forms of addiction 
  • Assistance linking into professional services and networks
  • Education and training courses provided for health professionals 


Published Book by Lea Rose

LET'S TALK ABOUT IT! Finding Peace with Death and Dying in Everyday Life

Written by Lea Rose

Published by Michelle Anderson Publishing, Melbourne Australia












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